Communication Her

“I tend to struggle with productive communication in my relationships, but this course helps me look beyond my initial reactions.

It makes me and my partner a team, even when we 



Just after the first 2 communication modules, my partner and I are already more compassionate,

patient, and open toward each other.


 We have our differences, but Profound Partnerships helps us navigate them.

Our differences are transforming from points of strife into points of strength.


 We’re making each other better. I’m so grateful to this course for giving us the language and skills to

communicate as a loving team, and I can’t wait for our next lessons as we continue our journey!



“This program has been a great exercise in communication.
The largest key contributor to our success in communication has got to be trust.

If I didn’t trust that she wouldn’t get mad or if I just said what she wanted to hear, then these exercises would not be as helpful as they were.


Being honest with myself and brave enough to say how I feel, regardless of how that may clash with her beliefs, very much broke barriers that we have constructed in our past relationship.”


“When we first started, we had already felt like we were in a good place in our relationship.


We definitely witnessed some ebbs and flows throughout our time doing the course modules.


Each mod helped us remember the more important things.


The benefits that came from practicing techniques like deep breathing, self-talk and mindfulness helped to reinforce good habits that will last.

It was a nice weekly ritual to work on the modules together and I think we have grown closer because of it. Thanks!


“Our finances discussion was insightful.


We talk money a little, but since it’s not always the most comfortable subject in the world we don’t talk about it a lot.


It was very reassuring to note that we both value saving money and spending it very carefully while leaving room in the budget for a few spontaneous fun things.


We’re both pretty fiscally responsible, which I hadn’t realized before.”